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No More Parrhesia, No More Meme Monday... Why?

I hit rock bottom.

And what a gift that has proven to be.

But first, let me backup a bit...

Over the last three years, I have:

  • Enrolled more than 250 people in my course, Parrhesia: The Art of Communication.
  • Hosted 140 episodes of Meme Monday, where I shared 12K memes! (all which are still available on my website.)
  • With my wife, brought two little guys into the world—Teague and Oscar—and in November we'll be welcoming a third.
  • Survived the greatest financial mistake I’ve made to date.

I stopped sleeping. 

My first baby, a new business, COVID, and a bungled property purchase, made me more anxious and stressed than I thought was possible.

After suffering insomnia more nights than I can count, I mean it when I say I hit rock bottom.

And what I decided to do has changed me and my life’s trajectory forever:

I said enough is enough.

I inundated myself with success stories, wisdom of the ages, and empowering approaches.

I looked back on my life with a new...

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