Learn the exact steps I and hundreds of others are using to communicate difficult subjects in a way that draws people in, instead of pushing them away.

Unlock the secrets of effective communication and transform your interactions!

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When you know how to tune into your audience, ask questions and present ideas strategically, you can be confident and effective when controversial topics arise.

Welcome to Parrhesia:
The Art of Communication

Parrhesia is the first and only online communication program designed specifically for contrarians, nonconformists and alternative-minded people who struggle to communicate with people of varying opinions. 

In a world where “marginalization” and “discrimination” are allegedly what society’s meant to take up arms against, we are literally the most disenfranchised and misrepresented group of all. 

This 8-week coaching program is designed to help people like you learn tactics and strategies to communicate effectively with people who disagree. I’m going to teach you to tame your fear, use nerves to your advantage and become conscious of your natural gifts, so you can be heard and understood when it matters most. 

After self-confidence and courage building exercises, I will give you my conversation framework that will allow you to tune into the demands of a moment and select from an arsenal of communication techniques and tactics to deliver information with both your head and your heart.


I'm Benny,

and I’m a freedom fighter who found a path to freedom … without so much fighting.

By developing truly effective communication skills that stand up to the highly polarized times we’re living in, I was able to uphold the agreement that I made to myself early on: I want to know the truth.

Now I teach others to hone their confidence and charisma, use tested techniques and frameworks to navigate difficult conversations and clarify their own thinking through the creative process. 

Do you think the most influential people in this world spend time and effort developing their communication skills? Do you think they take time to craft their message, observe how it’s being received and refine their tactics based on the feedback they’re receiving?

Of course they do. 

I contend that people with the courage to accept reality as it is need to craft their words consciously as well. I want to embolden you with tools and techniques that will make your communication highly effective.

It will lead to a more exciting, authentic life for you. Deeper, more honest and less tense relationships. 

And it helps to heal a world gone mad.

The rabbit-hole was a dark place for me.

It was a place of ugliness and evil. Bad intentions and deception. It became possible that everything I thought I knew had been a lie. 

My income source became increasingly at-odds with my integrity. 

I was suddenly experiencing friction with the people around me. My dad (my best friend) and I got into door-slamming arguments. My girlfriend accused me of living in a “cloud of elitism.” 

That last one stung especially when I realized she was right. I felt that I knew things everyone else didn’t know and that if they didn’t want to know them then they were choosing ignorance. I thought I was special.

The  most important thing I realized was that shaking people in hopes of making them see what I saw was not helpful.

I made a mission to refine my approach. It led me to create the comedy YouTube channel JoyCamp, write poetry and perform it on stages all over the world, and befriend and learn from the activists, independent journalists and crusaders who are thriving because of their awareness and knowledge. 

Over the last 15 years, I’ve become someone who is comfortable broaching any topic with any person of any persuasion at any time – because I know how to be present to the circumstances of the moment, and how to navigate accordingly. 

And in 2020, I took time to identify what had changed about my approach, practically and thoroughly. Using the universal themes that emerged, I was able to put together a process that could be taught and utilized by others to better communicate their ideas. I also examined what I’d done to gain the confidence to fully show up to these intimidating moments again and again. 

Then I set out to share my findings. And after working with hundreds of students now in Parrhesia, I’m blown away by the results of this experiment. The transformations, relationships healed, friendships forged, artists activated and unbelievable potentials unlocked have been overwhelming.

This has become so much more than a communication course.

Communication is the lens I utilize to get you to remember how awesome you are, how awesome you could be and how much service you can provide to help others, so we can actually navigate this weird world together. 

Discover how to find opportunity in every challenge, how to draw upon your talents and skills to get out of whatever rut you’re in and how to heal whatever relationship is suffering in your life. 

What does your life look like when you’re representing yourself and your ideas clearly and powerfully? With Parrhesia, you'll have the chance to find out.

 I created Parrhesia so you can...

  • Heal relationships with the people you love.
  • Focus your thoughts into effective speech and works of art.
  • Amplify your impact.
  • Be known and respected, to yourself and others. 
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Parrhesia was a great opportunity to both discover and put into practice the important tools of communication that Benny so eloquently presents. His presentations were easy to follow and inspiring, and the workshops left room for free expression which brought in a community aspect which was an unexpected bonus! 

Barbara Jo

Parrhesia was an amazing experience for me at a totally critical time in my life - AND I MEAN CRITICAL - Benny's class helped me in so many ways. His many skills along with compassion and love for every student was truly incredible. Parrhesia was so much more than a communication class!


It was more of an experience than a course, an experience I am extremely grateful and blessed to have been a part of. Parrhesia ranged from educational, to intriguing, to fun, to, at a couple times, very therapeutic. By the end of this course you'll be finding yourself having more strong, meaningful conversations with people.

Not sure what to expect?

Neither were they. Hear what they gained from their experience.

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How would you have it?

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  • Stand up for truth by telling people what they NEED to know, so they CAN’T ignore the truth – and sever ties with friends, loved ones and people around you who don’t change their minds in short order?
  • Keep silent to blend in, stay inoffensive and maintain your status quo – at the expense of being known, understood and effective with the information you know could help people?


  • Be clear in your own mind about your beliefs and opinions – confident and effective when you choose to share them with others and self-assured when you choose to stay silent in the moment?

When you’re 90 years old looking back on your life, which path do you think you’ll wish you’d chosen?

But how do you do it?

Parrhesia: The Art of Communication

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What is Parrhesia: The Art of Communication?

Parrhesia is a program that equips truth-seekers with the tools they need to be effective in their communication. 

When the mainstream media seeks to portray anyone asking questions and open to alternative perspectives as dangerous, radical, misinformed and selfish, we cannot cower to persecution.

So we should complain about it and march in the streets to demand the respect we deserve?

Of course not. We’ll do what those with reason, discernment and a sense of humor must always do: grow, take the high road and prosper in spite of anything. We must, in short, become undeniable. 

And I’ve spent years testing and tweaking my process to ensure people who dedicate themselves to the program, take the risk of being seen and heard and face challenges head on will experience real transformation. 

Here's what you'll learn in Parrhesia:

Know Thyself

You have everything you need to be successful in your communication, and you are the single greatest obstacle in your path. You don’t have to believe me now, just come for the ride. We’ll clean out the cobwebs of fear, suit up in an armor of self-confidence and excavate your natural gifts and abilities.

You, Supercharged

Next, we make your uniqueness into a superpower. Learn how to enhance your charisma and charm. This is how you become most captivating. Then we look at how you’ll bring all of that with you when it’s time to face—

The Difficult Conversation

Now we go into the nuts and bolts of tackling difficult subjects with the people you encounter incidentally in life as well as the friends and family you care most about. Not only will this help you as you navigate the different requirements of the present circumstance you’re facing, but you’ll become a magnet for the new people who will enhance and enrich your life moving forward.

The Masterpiece Inside

Finally, we apply your powerful arsenal of tools and clarity into using your voice in new and creative ways. We go beyond conversation into the right-brain creative side of you. You cannot yet imagine the potential poetry, music, paintings, stories and other creative contributions lying dormant in you, that could soon comprise your legacy.

Take a look inside—


Parrhesia: The What and the Why

Learn the concept of parrhesia and why it’s more important now than ever.

  • What is parrhesia?
  • Historical usage and lost meaning
  • Increased significance 2020 to today
  • Course overview 

This module serves as an introduction to the course and inspiration to use your voice powerfully.


Chains: Overcoming YOU

How to overcome the biggest obstacle on your path to parrhesia. It’s not the New World Order, it’s you.

  • Overcoming doubt
  • The real source of fear 
  • Disentangling from what others may think
  • Tuning your internal barometer
  • Powerful mindset reframing to foster growth
  • Examine and redefine failure, regret, anxiety

This week you'll gain clarity on your own limitations, fears and roadblocks as well as the tools to lay these burdens to rest.


Consternation: Overcoming Stage Fright

How to overcome the fear of public speaking, which will clear the way for self-confidence in every arena. Learn to use your nerves to your advantage and recognize vulnerability as your biggest strength.

  • A new approach to public speaking
  • Antidotes to stage fright
  • Action: your key to the life you seek
  • Winning over your audience

In this module you'll become a fearless presenter. Whether you ever step onto a stage, you'll have tools that will serve you in your next encounters with individuals and groups, large or small.


Charisma, Craft, Charm & Technique

How to amplify your natural proclivities and ways of being to increase your charisma and likability. Gain techniques and tactics to use your gifts to help you present ideas.

  • Your uniqueness
  • Strengths, skills, authentic nature
  • Strengthen your intentionality
  • Anger: significance, application, mastery
  • Playfulness: an essential arrow in your quiver

Excavate what makes you, you. These are your biggest assets as you approach minefields in conversation. Hone your authenticity, use it on command and you become irresistible. 


Confidence & Confrontation: Self Construction

How to embrace confrontation. By daring to confront life, with courage, your self-confidence will increase. Also learn simple things you can do every day to always be growing into the person you want to be (and the person this world needs you to be).

  • My 3 H's Framework: Helpful, Harmful, Honest
  • Fall in love with confrontation; avoid conflict
  • Bolster character, avoid being taken advantage of
  • The keys of confrontation
  • Responsibility: the bedrock of the ultra-successful 

This is where you hit the existential gym and lay the foundation for unshakeable confidence and heightened vision for your own potential.


Building Bridges: Tackling The Impossible Conversation

The Big One. We dig into exactly how to approach difficult conversations. I give you all the tools you need to navigate any topic with any person, by tuning into all factors at play and choosing your course of action consciously and with intention.

  • Framework to resist judgment and cultivate belief in others
  • The myth of winning an argument
  • The deceptively simple act of listening; tools that stand up to the nuances of today's world
  • The truth about opinions, ego and humility
  • Controlling emotions
  • Effective ways to introduce ideas 
  • My Conversation Virtues
  • The surprising truth about facts

Believe it or not, there are ways to keep a conversation rooted in care and compassion while still being effective — but no one was ever taught them. With knowledge, you can subtly steer the ship and know when to walk away when navigating tricky terrain. 


Creation: The Masterpiece of Your Life

How to communicate through art. The process you can use to distill information to its essence and realize the artist inside who knows exactly what to say. The fruits of this experiment are profound and truly astonishing in quality. 

  • How to create a masterpiece
  • How to get inspired
  • What is success?
  • Tapping into limitless potential
  • The underutilized power of art to deliver a message
  • The Exercise (it's top-secret and profoundly productive)
  • Editing process that changes rough draft into masterpiece

Prepare to have your expectations exceeded exponentially in this module. I help you access a creative part of you that has been patiently waiting for you to unleash it. If you are an artist, you will love this week. If you aren't an artist... yes, you are.


Your Compere

I share details of my story that I don't disclose publicly to show the ways I've used these tools to design my life. What I garnered from acting, Hollywood, "conspiracy theories" and the conference circuit. 

The rabbit hole gives you the understanding you need to avoid dangerous and defeating traps; if you get stuck in the darkness, you're missing out on a world of beauty and contribution. 

You're here for a reason. 

Bonus Round —

When you enroll in Parrhesia, you're eligible for a number of bonuses (see all the details in the pricing section!). 


8 Weeks of Live Q&A's with Benny

The opportunity to have your specific questions answered with answers specific to you will ensure the contents of this course are lessons you can APPLY to improve your life. That's why for this launch I'm offering 8 weeks of group Q&A's for FREE with every tier of Parrhesia. After each lesson, you'll be able to check in with me personally on a video call. 


All-Access Passes to TWO Installments of "In the Arena"

With your purchase, I’m including seats to the next TWO installments of “In the Arena,” exclusive, intimate Q&As with legends of our time. Get your questions answered by master parrhesiastes from the truth scene.

Check out previous guests below.


Exclusive "In the Arena" Vault

I’ll also give you INSTANT access to private, uncensored conversations you won't find anywhere else except inside this program. The wisdom herein is priceless.

Guests include:

  • James Corbett (Corbett Report)
  • Mark Passio (What on Earth Is Happening, One Great Network)
  • Richard Grove (Tragedy & Hope, Grand Theft World, Autonomy)
  • Owen Benjamin ("Cancelled" former A-list comedian)
  • Larken & Amanda Rose (The Most Dangerous Superstition, Candles in the Dark)
  • TJ Marrs (You Are Law)
  • Tony Myers (Trivium education)

How do I get started?

You’re just a few quick steps away from starting your Parrhesia journey.

Click to enroll

and choose from three ways to work with me. I highly recommend the workshop tier, as it’s the live, in-the-arena practice with real-time feedback from me that will give you the fastest and most dramatic results.

Gain immediate access

The program is an 8-week guided experience, so gain immediate access to the first module and receive each subsequent lesson after that week’s workshop.

Dive in

Finally, dive into the exercises. Real learning and growth is not passive. You’ll want to take action. If you look in the testimonials, you’ll find plenty of accounts of how fun the experience becomes when you embrace the process. 

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Parrhesia: The Art of Communication

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Confidence building

Fear management

Creative inspiration 

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Conversation navigation

Confidence building

Fear management

Creative inspiration 

*BONUS* Weekly LIVE Q&A's with Benny

*BONUS* Passes to TWO "In the Arena" Q&A Events

*BONUS* In The Arena Vault Access

  • Exclusive weekly workshops with personalized coaching with Benny 
  • Weekly private one-hour coaching session with Benny

     Choose pay-in-full to save 20% on your purchase.  


If you aren’t completely satisfied with Parrhesia: The Art of Communication, let me know within the first 14-days for a full refund. 

What are you waiting for?

Hear from a few former students about what they’ve been experiencing since taking the course.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Having self-confidence, self-knowledge and an arsenal of communication frameworks and techniques when faced with your next opportunity to share your perspective. 

  • Evaluating a moment that could get tense by figuring out what fear is driving the person you’re interacting with, assessing your own intention and knowing exactly how and to what extent you want to participate in the conversation. 

  • Remaining in complete control of your emotions when sharing about what matters to you most. 

  • Knowing you can trust yourself to express your thoughts, concerns and knowledge on any subject, without triggering or repelling those who disagree with you.

  • Experiencing peace and resolution with that person in your life that you wish you didn’t have so much tension with.

  • Laughing, connecting and sharing openly with the people inside this course who can relate to what you’re experiencing the most. 

  • Seeing the message that’s alive in you as a concrete, consumable work of art that you’ve created.

  • That’s all within reach and completely possible with the right guidance and support.

They took the plunge...

And they're grateful they did!


With Benny's personal guidance I am feeling much more confident in my ability to converse and contribute during this very tricky time in human history. I find that my thoughts no longer trip over my tongue on their way out into this world!


I signed up to learn a few communication skills for my business, and something wonderful and unexpected happened. Benny is a gifted and inspiring trainer who knows how to make his students feel gifted, inspired and loveable while speaking from their hearts. 


Since leaving the course I've found myself giving expression to some of the thoughts and concerns I've had without all the fear and hesitation I would normally hold onto. It's like the words jump out of my mouth without my even expecting it. 

An open letter to those who are still on the fence...

Hi, Benny here,

If you’re vacillating between, “I’m ALL in, let’s do this!” and “But am I really going to do this?” I want you to know, I actually totally get it. 

When I’m facing a major change in my life, I battle feelings of uncertainty and apprehension. 

You probably know, our brains are wired to PROTECT us from change. One of the absolute most powerful cheatcodes in life is knowing that we will not make a lasting, significant change until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the very real and very persuasive fear of the unknown. 

If after hearing me talk about Parrhesia or reading through this page describing it, you know in your gut that it could help you uplevel, then this could be your pivot point. This could be the place that a small decision charts a course in a new and better direction. Those moments exist and the more practiced we get at recognizing and embracing them, the faster we progress.

And in my opinion progress equals happiness.

There are no silver bullets that will transform you into the person you want to (and know you can) be. But there are tools that bring you closer to your goals. If you believe that participating in Parrhesia and working with me will bring you closer to your goals, then you don’t have much to lose. I’ll tell you here: if you’re committed to your growth, then I’m committed to helping you as much as I possibly can.

That’s why I have so many testimonials, it’s why people are experiencing real results from working together – I don’t hold back and I can’t help but honor the investment you’ve made in me by investing in you.

So you can decide not to take the plunge. And that decision is final, as this is the last time I’ll be offering Parrhesia. Or, you can join the hundreds of others who have taken a calculated chance and are now operating with more confidence, tact and self-knowledge because of it. 

The choice is yours. I’m here to help. 


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What will you say about your transformation in Parrhesia?

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