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Moving On From MEMES

self reliant way Jul 25, 2023
Self Reliant Way Program Benny Wills

I hit rock bottom.

And what a gift that has proven to be.

But first, let me backup a bit...

Over the last three years, I have:

  • Enrolled more than 250 people in my course, Parrhesia: The Art of Communication.
  • Hosted 140 episodes of Meme Monday, where I shared 12K memes! (all which are still available on my website.)
  • With my wife, brought two little guys into the world—Teague and Oscar—and in November we'll be welcoming a third.
  • Survived the greatest financial mistake I’ve made to date.

I stopped sleeping. 

My first baby, a new business, COVID, and a bungled property purchase, made me more anxious and stressed than I thought was possible.

After suffering insomnia more nights than I can count, I mean it when I say I hit rock bottom.

And what I decided to do has changed me and my life’s trajectory forever:

I said enough is enough.

I inundated myself with success stories, wisdom of the ages, and empowering approaches.

I looked back on my life with a new lens. I analyzed how and why I’d won in some instances and identified the missteps that were costing me my sanity now. 

Something amazing started to happen.

When I worked with people in the workshop aspect of Parrhesia, I couldn’t help but pour myself into them. Their struggles became my own, and I gave them everything I had to offer to help them rise up in their own lives.

So as I changed, we changed.

The lens of Parrhesia grew in scope. We began to delve more deeply into questions of purpose, impact, and legacy.

And the results were extraordinary.

I had found the root cause of many people's problems. 

It was the same as mine had been: Jadedness. Or, being too “black-pilled.” Jadedness leads to an even greater problem: Unfulfillment. 

"Awake” and “aware” individuals can often be weary, disillusioned, apathetic, cynical, and resentful. 

What I’ve learned in the past few years is that this is the trap of all traps! 

I was certain that I had avoided the pitfalls of my blue-pilled friends and family. I wasn't downloading my opinions and talking points from mainstream-championed “experts.” I was thinking for myself.

Yet, there I was, living in victim consciousness, overdosing on red and black pills. And pill addictions have consequences. 

I was deferring responsibility and accountability because “they” were up to no good. The tentacles of control corrupt every facet of reality, so what was the point of anything? I realized that I had been unconsciously deciding not to take constructive action in my life. I was living with no real purpose. I wasn't contributing to the best of my ability. 

Where did that leave me? Worried. Depressed. Angry. Blaming. 

Awake at night.

Ironically. Wide awake.

Looking back now, rock bottom was the absolute best place I could have arrived. Because it was the starting point of a big change.

And when everything changed, everything changed.

The truth is, I didn’t want to work on improving people's communication anymore. I wanted to liberate them from their communication issues. 

By becoming excellent in life, our influence increases. Our concern with what other people think decreases. When we're excited about and focused on our goals, our need to win people over diminishes. And those high-stakes conversations we meet with ease.

But how does one become excellent? Undeniable? What would that program look like? 

With a newfound sense of passion and purpose, I found boundless energy to pour into this new project.

It’s the most thrilling rabbit hole of all: the truth about LIFE. I became obsessed with what it takes to live successfully. Not just financially, but successfully in all ways. 

Why do some people seem to effortlessly glide from achievement to achievement? How do they maintain a calm, positive attitude? What does it take to make an impact on this world? How do you become the architect of a chosen destiny?

I went to work. I noted the patterns that echo throughout history. I became obsessed with timeless wisdom. I internalized the advice of successful people I admire. 

I constructed a teachable framework and created:

My insomnia and worry are gone. As is our failed property and the savings we poured into it. We took a huge financial loss, but it was so worth it. I am grateful for the experience because of the invaluable lessons I learned. 

My kids are experiencing a calmer, more patient man. My wife actually said to me the other day, “You’ve become the man I knew you could be when I met you.”

Every aspect of my life has improved. I have detoxed the proverbial pills from my system. 

So... What would your life look like if you felt powerful? How would it feel to actually be doing the things you know in your heart you’re capable of?

Yes, there are bad people in the world. Yes, some of those people don’t have your best interests at heart. 

But if you’re complacent and apathetic, if you don’t see the point in anything, if all feels hopeless, “they” have you right where they want you. 

Your best defense is, was, and always will be, to live your life The Self Reliant Way. 

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