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Benny Wills


Wallace “Wally” Wills, is due to arrive TODAY.

(It’s been 9 months already?!) 

In anticipation of his arrival, this week’s post is a bit lighter.

I want to talk about success.

My chief aim with The Self Reliant Way is to help men succeed in life. 

But what is success?

Millions of dollars? Expensive cars? Private jets? 

Well, even billionaires kill themselves. So money alone isn’t the key.

Loving relationships! Being surrounded by people you love and who love you. THAT’S success!

… Right?

To an extent. But if that person hasn’t slayed the money monster, they’re likely to be anxious about finances.

What about perfect health? Eating right. Exercise. Making it to 100.

Yes. And that person isn’t immune to regret. Or to wishing that their service, output, or contribution had been more meaningful.

So what is success?

Success is the ability to solve problems successfully.

The more problems you solve, the more successful you become.

The more successful you become, the happier you are.

And, according to Aristotle, happiness is the ultimate goal and purpose in life. Not happiness as a fleeting emotion but a state of well-being and fulfillment. 

He called it Eudaimonia. Achieved through a virtuous and meaningful life. Aligned with reason and moral virtue. Eudaimonia comes from developing and exercising your unique human faculties. Engaging in virtuous actions and behaviors. Cultivating harmonious relationships with others.

Eudaimonia is a well-lived life.

There are five slices to the happiness pie:

  1. Health and energy
  2. Loving relationships
  3. Meaningful work
  4. Financial freedom
  5. Inner peace and spiritual understanding

When you have high levels of all five you will be genuinely happy most of the time.

Your happiness is a gift to others.

To achieve Eudaimonia, you must become a better version of yourself. 

“Happiness is not something you chase; happiness is something you become. And you become a happy person by being useful, honorable, and compassionate—by contributing to the world more than you take from it.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Self-reliance is the key.

The inaugural Self Reliant Way graduates are now on the other side of the program. This is what they’re saying:

Successful living is the willingness to do that which the majority of people do not do.

Become self-reliant. 

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