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9 Hidden (or Banned) JoyCamp Videos

Dec 16, 2023
 Benny Wills


1. Oscars 2013: Best Propaganda in a Motion Picture

This was the video that put us on a lot of people's radars. We "unlisted" it after another one of our Oscar videos and our Grammy's video were both taken down by YouTube. We had two strikes and didn't want to risk channel deletion.


2. Oliver Tree w/ JoyCamp - Universal

This was a collaboration with musical artist Oliver Tree. He has since BLOWN UP. We were asked by his management team to take it down. It didn't match his brand.



3. Oscars 2014: Best Most American Film

Our second Oscar video and second video taken down by YouTube. Shh, don't tell them it's still hidden on our channel.


4. Stand Up To Cancer Causes

This video was removed from YouTube and Facebook on the same day. Perhaps we were onto something... 


5. Grammy Awards 2014: Illuminati Puppet of the Year

Our most popular video ever and the first one taken down. Also, the video responsible for our first channel strike.


6. F**k The Government

A snippet of this poem was used in HBO's The Anarchists. Not really a JoyCamp video, but a classic nonetheless.


7. You Can't Say That! 

Another one that threatened channel deletion. 


8. Emmy Awards 2014: Deleted Scene! Outstanding Psychopath

Again, once our other award show videos were taken down, we decided not to risk it.


9. Conspiracy Guy: Coronavirus

We were flagged for medical misinformation. Even though it's a comedy video. The overlords at Google aren't messing around.


I hope you enjoyed the playlist!

Thanks for all of your support over the years. Hopefully, we'll make more JoyCamp content again someday.

Until next time.

Much love,


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